Thursday, November 27, 2008

Final SLASC logo

Here it is... the "final" logo design for our organization, known as SLASC (should it be SLAC? Airsoft is one word...) I may do some more color variants or otherwise mix it up for variety's sake.

The main idea should read fine no matter what format it's in; the silhouettes with safety glasses and orange tipped weapons. If you have happen to have any interest in a personal version/color scheme or something, I might just be inclined to oblige...*shrug*

As for t-shirts or whatnot, Cafepress or Red Bubble are a couple options...aaaand, it might also need a little more earthy tone treatment if you'd want to wear while you game, don'tcha think?

Also, listen to Bad Reputation by Freedy Johnson. I think you'd like it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Salt Lake Airsoft Club

I like our little airsoft club. I decided we might like some sort of logo or graphic to represent the club on facebook (at least until someone makes a better one). I am not experienced in logo design, so it's a little basic. Here are a few variations on the concept.