Monday, February 18, 2008

Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth

This game is great. It has the most confusing plot I have ever encountered...the N64 graphics are full of strange clipping errors and awful textures(though the Wii's N64 emulation job makes it bearable)...and the english voice acting makes me want to shoot myself...but strangely these all come together with the solid gameplay and contribute towards making this one of the most enjoyable games I've ever owned. Very charming.

Most of all I like the art style. This is the artist apparently.

This game's style was very inspiring to me back when I was first getting excited about the game in 2000. Although I kinda had a falling out with actually drawing anime-style myself, I still find this spectabeautaculous.

Here then is my lil' Sin and Punishment art database:

Until I find some more high quality pics that is about it...el-oh-el!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some more Japanese Buildings

I must post a link to this site, where I found a few of these:

Suburban Japan

Over the past few years as I have played more and more first person shooter games (especially Half Life 2 and its Mods) I've become more and more intrigued with architecture. I find satisfaction in running around city streets, in and out of buildings, houses, apartments, churches and whatnot, practically getting lost in them usually while having a gunfight with someone.

The Source SDK Hammer editor makes this fantasy a (virtual) reality. Lately I've been messing with it trying to create my very own little city blocks to frolic around in. Sometimes I'll try to recreate a locale from Cowboy Bebop or Pulp Fiction where a crucial gunfight scene takes place, or just some place I see in a photograph.

As I've researched these sources what has really caught my eye is the way many Japanese neighborhoods are set up and their houses are constructed. The condensed nature of these places and the unique architecture makes them absolutely ideal for what I've been trying to do. At this point I'm quite enamored with these Japanese buildings' style... not so much the temples and archaic Japanese style architecture but the more modern, industrial looking suburban Japan.

Without further ado, here begins my collection of reference sources. Credit goes to those who took these photos or just put them on their websites. I can't imagine anyone else seeing this, let alone having a problem with me posting these, but if you do, tell me I guess and I'll take them down.

Beautiful, beautiful concrete!

Another thing that I find freaking awesome is the commonly seen tangled mess of wires that crisscross everywhere.