Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fuh-reeky stuff.

So I'm definitely a huge nerd.  For several years now I've been slowly building a fantasy world I hope to further express through stories, books, comics and/or even video games if I get the chance.  I'm pretty proud of it so far, but it has quite a ways to go.  Even so, I feel at least one element of it is worth sharing now, as I've been doing so for a bit already.

One theme I really love to explore is horror.  What particularly interests me is what exactly frightens me to think about truly existing in the world, which hopefully in turn interests/inspires others.  There are plenty of frightening things on earth, but what makes them infinitely more terrifying to me is the idea that there is something eerily human to them, physically (mostly human arms and hands, faces...).  I'm not alone in this, obviously, but I've been having loads of fun playing around with my own take on the idea.

Here are a couple concepts, after the jump...

The first two I've already posted on the Nekked Bear Army, but for the sake of cohesion, I'm just grouping both the old ones and the new ones.

First the old ones:

 This one will sort of introduce the context within my world... Massive, fleshy mother-creatures give birth to offspring that gather food for her, defend her from predators and whatnot.  The mother-creatures are virtually helpless by themselves, and can be summoned and controlled to a degree by powerful magicians.  The offspring obey the mother, who obeys the mage.  This system eventually developed into a society that uses the creatures for its military and other, domestic functions.

Deep sea creatures fascinate me, and can also be deeply disturbing.  These live out of the water.  The one on the left remains perfectly buoyant using gas contained in the sacs on its head.  It moves along the ground with its long arms, feeding through the eyeless humanoid head.  The one on the right you can imagine scuttling around like a spider.

This one is a bit more inspired by insects, obviously.  It can walk upright with its hind legs, using the tail as a third limb, and when in attack mode can move on its four front legs and use the tail as a whip.  The seemingly deformed front arms deliver food to the mouth in slow but terrifyingly strong, lurching motions.

The next one I developed jointly with my amigo, Josh.  It will explain itself...

More is on the way, so stay tuned... er, well don't.  Just come back later.  :P

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Kayla said...

I never really caught on to the fact that most of what you draw is horror-related. I guess I'm just slow.
The squid/octopus things are still some of my favorites. Because they're also completely terrifying.