Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Veiny Day

Over the past few years, particularly in the past 10 months or so, many have pointed out my extreme veinyness of the arms...sometimes to hilarious results, as when I convinced my cousin's 3-year old they were angry worms.

x1000 microscopic view

I've been like this for a while...at least as long as I've been Auschwitz skinny. There never seems to be much distance between my blood and the outside air. I guess I always figured my blood just really loves sunlight; sometimes it'll just show up at the surface all over me for no obvious reason, sometimes with lawn chairs.

People are quick to point out this phenomenon in celebrities: Angelina Jolie for example. As the article points out, usually the bulging veins are associated with working out and growing muscles and are more prominent when there's less body fat to conceal them. As far as my arm-worms are concerned, the "lack of body fat" part I understand, but the other part not so much. I'm not complaining though...they aren't unhealthy or bad or anything, in fact apparently chicks dig 'em, so actually, I'm pretty sexy.

It can get a little out of hand sometimes...I mean, this is what Stallone looks like now:

However, as long as I don't screw with biochemical agents or steroids or superpsychokinesis I should be able to at least delay my inevitable fate:


angela jones said...

I don't think super veininess is very sexy but that doesn't deny how witty you are about tricking young children into thinking that you have visited the ancient ruins of "The Ruins". Although, as long as you don't see your veins wiggling around and turning green- I think you'll be safe.

Sarahjane said...

Hahahahhahhah I love the transformation at the end.